• Long Service Life

>2000 cycles @100% DoD (25°C) to 80% of original capacity – longer service life than SLA to reduce maintenance costs.

  • High Energy Density – More Power p/kg

Higher total system capacity and superior utilisation (full 100% DoD) to reduce overall system size and footprint.

  • Robust Enclosure

Enclosed in IP5x (dust resistant) or IP6x (dust tight) case with closed loop terminals – suitable for harsh environments.

  • Stable Chemistry & Built-in Circuit Protection

IEC & UN38.3 Safety Certified at cell level and integrated BMS protection to ensure safety and prevent damage.

  • Lightweight

Approx. 1/2 the weight (or less) of equivalent in SLA means lower logistics costs and minimal OH&S concerns.

  • Superior Charge & Discharge Efficiency

Faster charge/discharge rates (C/2 LiFePO4 vs C/20 SLA) for higher power usage and less downtime when charging.

  • Wide Operating Temperature Tolerance

Suitable for use in a wider range of applications where ambient temperature is atypical: from –20°C up to +60°C.

  • Fully Recyclable Battery

An environmentally friendly battery option, with no lead or calcium that can leak into the enviroment.




490mm x 170mm x 240mm




21.5 kgs